• Easy Survey Form Checking

    Design survey form with yourself and automated form checking.

  • Cloud Survey Form

    Cloud-based Optical Mark Recognition System. Survey Form is design survey form with yourself and automated form checking via Web Browser.

  • Education Print Cost Control

    Education Print Cost Control is a professional log application designed for storing the print jobs. Monitor and control student printing quota with self services.

  • Education Smart OMR

    Answer sheet checking for desktop version. Support any scanner devices.

  • Automated Billing System

    Automated Billing System is an advanced application designed to manage automatic send fax and email. Benefit for save cost, save time and cut loss manual process with yourself. Free message confirm with push notification to mobile application.

  • Cloud Mobile Printing Service

    Cloud-based Mobile Printing Service make its easy your any printers to print anywhere service. You can print various types of file formats such as PDF, Images or Microsoft Office stored in your mobile device or cloud drive directly to a printer any destination.

  • Cloud Smart OMR

    Cloud-based Optical Mark Recognition System. Easy and faster for answer sheet checking via Web Browser.

  • Cloud Printer Service

    Cloud-based Printer Service is a professional log application designed for storing the print jobs. Easy to manage printer assets for check the toner level or duty cycle via cloud management. Solutions support all Thermal, Passbook, Network and Local printers.

  • Interactive Mobile Response

    Cloud-based Interactive Mobile Response is same concept with IVR but no voice communication. Easy and faster to request service with API message via Mobile response menu.

  • Cloud Push Notification Platform

    Cloud-based Push Notification API makes it easy to push notification message on your Android, iPhone, iPad, and Desktop back office software. API code simple are support all programming language such as Visual Basic, Visual Basic .Net, Visual C# .Net, Java and Php.

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We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company. We are Worldsoftbiz is a Thailand based products technology company. We provide complete office automation solutions and mobile applications. We have experienced in the project implement plan, company products customization, new application and web application software based on Windows, Mobile, UNIX and Linux more than 10 years for any project, large and small.

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Mobile Print Release Jobs
Pull printing is a printing feature where a user's print job is held on a server and released by the user at any printing device with mobile app.

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