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Auto Fax and E-mail (e-Tax Invoice & Receipt)

Auto Fax and E-mail (e-Tax Invoice & Receipt) is an advanced application designed to manage automatic send fax and e-mail from electronic document files.

Main Features&Benefits
- Save cost print out billing files and then send fax and e-mail.
- Save time with fax sending.
- Save time with e-mail sending.
- Easy to manage send fax and e-mail marketing.
- Easy tracking and automated classify your customer address book such as status Active/Inactive.
- Support 56K Fax modem and Mainpine IQ Express Fax Board.

$299.00 / 1 Line fax number Brochure

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How It Works - Digital Signature (By Signature)

How It Works - Time Stamp (By E-mail)

How to Implement - (https://www.etax.teda.th/download.php)

How It Works - RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

Mail Client Support new TLSv1.2

e-Tax SMTP (Send)

e-Tax POP3 (E-mail Receipt)

e-Tax Fax (Fax Receipt)

Address Book automated import.

Easy to programming.

- Fax modem devices monitor.

- Fax and e-mail sending report.

- e-Tax Invoice Sending

- Automated E-mail Subject&Body [15022562][INV][INV0417826018]

- e-Tax Receipt Receiving

- Smart Invoice best a solutions based on send fax and e-mail.

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