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Worldsoftbiz is the worldwide globally provider of office automation software and customized solutions.
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$400.00 / 1 Customized Solutions

We have provided the Internet of things (IoT) architect design for your business.

We have provided the OAuth2 local provider architect design for your business.

Smart invoice solution based on send fax and e-mail.

Brother BSI Pull Printing Software.

Sharp OSA Pull Printing Software.

Middleware service is a communicate between a web service and ATM TANDEM BASE24.

Mobile Pull Printing Service.

Kiosk Digital Printing Service.

Security Printing with Mobile Released Jobs.

Computer control with Internet of things (IoT).

Latest News

2018-05 Smart Survey Form
Survey form questions checking and Item Analysis of Survey. More details download.

2018-05 Education Smart OMR
Answer sheet checking and Item Analysis of Examination. More details download.

2018-01 Mobile Print Release Jobs
Pull printing is a printing feature where a user's print job is held on a server and released by the user at any printing device with mobile app.