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Smart Survey Form

Survey form designed with yourself and automatic form checking. Support any scanner devices.

Main Features&Benefits
- Support any scanner devices, mobile (iOS/Android)/web application survey form scan.
- Easy and faster OMR checking.
- Easy survey form with excel designed.
- Easy to item analysis of survey report.

$199.00 / 1 Scanner  Thai ProposalBrochure

No Programming  No Settings  No Designed 

JPEG/JPG support

TIFF/TIF support

Barcode automated checking

- Easy survey form designed from Excel.

- Step 1. Template selected.

- Step 2. Survey form scan and then wait..., automated checking.

- Step 3. Export to item analysis of survey.

- Step 4. Open the item analysis of survey report.

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  • 2018-05 Smart Survey Form
    Survey form checking and item analysis of survey. More details download.

    Support any scanner devices.